3 Ways to Make a Smooth Transition from the Military to Entrepreneurship

3 Ways to Make a Smooth Transition from the Military to Entrepreneurship

It’s not easy changing career paths, especially when you’re in the military and making the move back to civilian life.

But for thousands of military veterans this year, they’ll be looking to start a new life on home soil and continue to make a difference for their country — except this time, in a business capacity.

Here are three ways to help military veterans make a smooth transition from the military to entrepreneurship:

1. Have a plan. Veterans come out of the military with numerous invaluable skills engrained in them — teamwork, perseverance, and leadership, just to name a few. However, it’s import to note the skills that are most important to you and pair them with a passion area, to help create the perfect dynamic of interest and competency. That way, you have the perfect recipe for success already in place, which helps set you up to create the perfect strategy to achieve your entrepreneurial mission.

2. Choose a mentor. In the military, veterans looked up to senior servicemen and their commanding officers for advice. In the business world, a mentor will help veterans in similar way by drawing on the past success and failures to help them find their way. Having a mentor-mentee relationship with an entrepreneur who is a military veteran, as well, would be the best scenario.

3. Hire outstanding managers & respectful, team-oriented staff. Because veterans come from a team-oriented, authority-managed life in the military, it’s important to create a somewhat similar work environment at their own business. With this in mind, hire managers with outstanding leadership, motivational, and training skills, who can bring out the best in your employees; for the rest of your staff, make sure they’re team-oriented and respectful, making them cooperative with each other, your management, and the overall goals of the business.

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