4 Reasons Kids are No Hindrance to Becoming a Franchise Entrepreneur

4 Reasons Kids are No Hindrance to Becoming a Franchise Entrepreneur

Kids are often the greatest joys in life.

Closely followed behind many people’s love for their family, is a passion for entrepreneurship and business. It excites them. It presents them with a new obstacle to tackle each day. Most of all, it’s rewarding and fulfilling.

Sounds a lot like having kids.

While many people will often point to the fact that it’s all but impossible to have kids and pursue entrepreneurship, becoming a franchisee can help make balancing both lives much easier.

Here are four reasons kids are no hindrance to becoming a franchise entrepreneur:

1. Less risk involved. Many parents might want to start their own business, but are worried about the potential risks associated with it — and the financial impact it could have on their family’s lives. Becoming a franchise entrepreneur with an established, financially secure company is a more secure option, as you only need to follow the tried-and-true formula that keeps the franchise successful wherever it goes.

2. You’ll have more flexibility. Working long hours at the office, and can’t seem to get away to see your son’s football game? Being a franchise entrepreneur means you can choose your own hours — allowing you to work when you want, often where you want, while allowing your franchise to be operated by people you’ve trained and trust.

3. It will teach your kids to be entrepreneurial. The lesson of entrepreneurship is an invaluable one, and the younger it’s taught, the greater its future impact. While many college graduates struggle to find employment, acquiring a franchise while your kids are still kids will teach them invaluable lessons about business, leadership, independence, time management, and responsibility — all the skills they’ll need one day to open a business of their own.

4. You’ll feel rejuvenated and excited again. For many people, the prospect of having kids is both exhilarating and frightening. Once parents have had them, some long for the life they led before becoming parents, even though they love their kids more than anything. Becoming a franchise entrepreneur will give you a new sense of adventure, while keeping you on your toes — making you excited to get up each morning and take on the next day, full steam ahead.

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