6 Reasons Why Veterans Make Great Franchisees

6 Reasons Why Veterans Make Great Franchisees

For veterans making their re-entry into civilian life who have dreams of running their own business, one question looms large in their minds: How well do the practices, experiences, skills, and traits acquired during military service transfer into the business world? The answer to this question, like so many questions in life, is that it depends. What I do know is this: Veterans are often some of best franchisees I know. I’ve been thinking lately about why that’s the case, so below I offer up 6 reasons why veterans make great franchisees:

1. They Understand TEAMWORK

One thing veterans learned very quickly both in training and on the battlefield is that each individual’s survival and success depends on how well everyone functions as a team. When you’re an entrepreneur, it can sometimes feel like a lonely, isolated experience, but when you think about it on a deeper level, you’ll inevitably realize that is some kind of support network helping you along the way. Consciously building your team is a key factor to successful franchising, and veterans understand that in a very foundational way.

2. They’re DECISIVE

A moment’s hesitation in the heat of battle can cost lives. Military personnel have been trained to be constantly aware of a huge array of factors and make decisions quickly and effectively. Indecision results in missed opportunities, and cumbersome decision-making processes lead to the failure to adapt rapidly to ever-changing conditions. Nimble, agile decision-making is the name of the game in the 21st century’s business landscape, and veterans have it in spades.


When the fate of nations is at stake, quitting isn’t an option. When lives are at stake, you can’t just walk away. Veterans make great franchisees because they have a lesson to teach everyone about never giving up. Their ability to persevere in spite of setbacks and chaos means the businesses they lead will keep at it until success is achieved.

4. They Value TRAINING

Although it may have felt more like torture at the time it was happening, veterans understand that success in the military depends largely on the quality of training delivered, and a recruits willingness and ability to embrace that training. The best franchisors offer robust training to ensure success among their franchisees, and veterans appreciate excellence in training.

5. They Accept STRUCTURE

Whether it’s a code of conduct or the chain of command, veterans understand that a solid structure is essential to success of any complex operation. Any successful franchisor has put together a system that works – a business model along with operational strategies and tactics that form a structure to serve as your launching pad to success.


The military is one of the most successful organizations when it comes to leadership development. It understands both the art and science of what it takes to turn nearly anyone into a confident leader, which is something every franchisee must become in order to find success.

I could probably identify even more reasons veterans make great franchisees, but I think you get the picture. Any veterans interested in making their dream of business ownership a reality would do well to explore the opportunities to be found in buying a franchise. Contact the VFC to find out more!

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