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  • Location, Location, Location

    After retirement, you might be left with a lot of questions about your future. Sometimes retirement from the military comes sooner than expected, and you may find yourself not knowing where you even want to live. One nice thing about all of your PCSing over the years is that you have a pretty good handle […]

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  • Feedback: Giving the Hard Truth

    Giving feedback, especially when it is not positive, can be one of the hardest things you have to do as a boss. You will come across many employees that are wonderful human beings, but they are just not living up to their potential as employees. Making sure that you are openly communicating to them where […]

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  • Franchising: Not just Brick & Mortar

    Not all Franchises are going to be brick and mortar. A common misconception when addressed about the idea of opening a franchise is that you will be opening a fast food chain or a retail store. In fact, there are many more kinds of franchises out there that are not brick and mortar, and therefore, […]

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  • Find Yourself, as a Business Owner

    A key aspect to being a successful business owner and boss, is knowing yourself well. This needs to be done at the beginning of your experience because otherwise you might chose a franchise or business path that is not suitable to your interests or lifestyle. Follow this flow chart to learn more about yourself as […]

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  • Be a Boss… at Life

    After working in the military, where time is never your own and you are constantly waiting on your phone to ring to come into the office after hours, it is time that you find a way to separate work and life. Even though the military had physical training and waist measurements to keep you looking […]

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  • An Infographic: Recruiting Millennials

    As you are searching for employees for your business, a recent article from Fast Casual says that you should be targeting millennials. But what is it about the younger generation that is setting them apart from the norm? Though they may not be as experienced, growing up in this age of technology and innovation has […]

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  • Making an Exit Strategy

    With the hustle to make your business work, the exit strategy might not be something that you think is important to think about at the moment. But restaurant owner, Guillermo Medellin, believes coming up with an exit strategy early on will be beneficial when the time comes to move on. When you have spent so […]

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  • Cuba Open for Business?

    With United States citizens being allowed to visit Cuba once again, businesses have been awaiting the news that they could start expanding their territory. Marriott International CEO, Arne Sorenson, was visiting Cuba with President Obama and was given the OK by U.S. Department of the Treasury to do business on the island. So what does […]

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