Firo Pizza Franchise Poised to Take Over the Better Pizza Movement

Firo Pizza Franchise Poised to Take Over the Better Pizza Movement

Americans love their pizza. On any given day, the USDA has estimated that one out of every eight Americans eats some pizza, and as an industry pie-makers rake in nearly $40 billion in sales every year. Not surprisingly, lots of people think of a pizza business as a sure bet. That could be true except it’s a pretty crowded field, which means you’d have to do something pretty special to set yourself apart in the pizza crowd. One new chain is well poised to do exactly that for you with a Firo Pizza franchise.

When restaurateurs saw the success of chains that got in on the early stages of the better burger movement, it was only a matter of time until the concept was applied to pizza. Leading the way in the better pizza movement, typically described in the industry jargon as fast-casual artisan pizza, are chains such as Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza, Pieology Pizzeria, MOD Pizza, and PizzaRev. Firo Pizza founder and CEO Matt Jones wanted to get in on this action, but took his time getting started. He spent years studying the competition and figuring out how to do it better, including plenty of trips to Italy to find all the truly authentic touches he wanted to incorporate. By all accounts, his extreme homework is going to pay off big time for his company and anyone else who takes on a Firo Pizza franchise.

“Every week of every year, I see new and up-and-coming franchise concepts,” said David Omholt, CFE, a Dallas-based franchise expert and the CEO of The Entrepreneur Authority and Veteran Franchise Centers, “but I have not seen something with so much potential as Firo in quite some time. They have assembled the franchise dream team to design, launch, test and refine the concept and have gotten it to a point where it is a very special and unique offering. This will be one on every franchise insider’s watch list.”

The concept includes an authentic Tuscan influence integrated throughout the restaurant, from the eye-catching distressed Tuscan architecture style of the building (the gas-fired torches are a great touch) to the interior décor and an ambience focused on fun, food, family, and superior service. The flagship location and company headquarters are in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Inside, customers watch their personal pizza being put together according to their choices in a Chipotle-style assembly process.Ingredients are all fresh, and they even import their tomatoes from Italy. Three sauce choices include red sauce, Alfredo sauce, and olive oil. Topping choices are a range of 10 different meats, including steak, bacon, soppressata (salami), chicken, pepperoni, meatballs, sausage, prosciutto, Canadian bacon, and spicy chicken along with 15 other choices (basil, pineapple, artichoke, red onions, mushrooms, sautéed onions, roasted red peppers, corn, olives, spinach, cilantro, jalapeños, banana peppers, Roma tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes). Once assembled, the pizzas are placed in an authentic open-flame stone hearth oven that cooks them in just five minutes.

The key distinctions here include the Tuscan influence and superiority of ingredient choices for starters. Then they add in a serious approach to artisan salads and authentic fresh-made Italian gelato. And it’s all offered at surprisingly affordable prices. Firo looked at each major aspect of the better pizza movement and figured out how to do each one better. This explains why there are so many “Firomaniacs” in Lawton. With a population of 100,000 and 151 restaurants, can you guess which one is ranked #1 on TripAdvisor? The answer is Firo Pizza. If you ever thought you might want to own your own pizza shop, take a closer look at a Firo Pizza franchise.

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