If Fortune Favors the Bold then Veterans are Destined for Entrepreneurial Success

If Fortune Favors the Bold then Veterans are Destined for Entrepreneurial Success

In the early years of World War 2, the Allies were facing a daunting challenge. The Axis powers were expanding rapidly and traditional safe havens were threatened. It was during these early years that a fairly unremarkable British officer came up with a remarkable idea. The result was the establishment of the famed British SAS. Men who would strike deep behind enemy lines and disrupt the enemy where they thought they were otherwise safe. Led by David Stirling and Paddy Mayne, the British SAS would wreak havoc upon their foe and earn a hallowed place in military history. Their motto, adopted by the SAS, was simply “Who dares wins.” Fast forward some 70 years and the same ethos is being carried on by veterans exiting the service and entering the ranks of the entrepreneur.


Who Dares Wins

Veteran or not, the ranks of successful business men are littered with the bold and courageous. Over 23 years ago, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had the audacious idea to start an online bookstore. Today Amazon is the world’s largest internet retailer dabbling in just about every market known to man. In the 1970’s Richard Branson started a record label and media company with his own money to produce the music he liked. Fast forward to today and he his pioneering private exploration of space and owns his own island. Nearly every successful entrepreneur in the world who is winning at one point dared to do so.

For the veteran exiting the military and trading the uniform for the suit, they will find this premise more familiar than they realize. Certainly it takes boldness to start one’s own record label with all the money they had in the world, but then again kicking in a door in a house full of insurgents who month’s to prepare for them is no small feat. However, the anxiety and anticipation are very similar. For many, it’s paralyzing to the point they fail in their calling to be bold. The veteran, however, has been placed into a position where failing and turning back simply isn’t an option. If one has the boldness to kick in the door one must be ready to endure the inevitable. After all, in both business and life, he or she who dares wins.


Harnessing the Power of the Inevitable

In the 1960’s, a young student at Yale submitted a paper proposing an overnight package delivery service by air freight. With his professor less than impressed, the young student recalls receiving a C on the paper. That student became the founder of FedEx and future billionaire Fred Smith. What many may not know about Fred Smith is that he is a highly decorated United States Marine. Serving as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Vietnam War, Smith would earn a Bronze Star, Silver Star and two Purple Hearts. It was only after his combat experience that he channeled this boldness into unprecedented business success.

Upon returning from the war, Smith turned what was once just an academic project he sheepishly handed in to his professor into a reality. In 1971, he founded FedEx and the rest is business history. Smith’s time during Vietnam would guide and inform his entry into the business world. In fact, Smith would go on to say that he learned more about business from studying world history than any modern business book. What he encountered consistently was that those who would become successful were first preceded by unprecedented boldness. So where does this leave the modern veteran transitioning the business world after 16 years of conflict? What bold opportunities are there for the taking? Veterans eager to kick in that particular door need but look to the world of franchising for their breakthrough opportunity.


Kicking in the Door to Franchise Success

While not every veteran may feel that they have the capital or innovative idea to disrupt the market, they do have a unique opportunity to take a proven model of business success and make it their own. Franchises are currently in the process of attracting veteran business owners through a variety of perks and discounts unavailable to other segments of the population. Make no mistake, to take on a franchise still requires an upfront investment but as we learned fortune does indeed favor the bold.

Franchises come with a laid out path of success and rich market research they are obligated to disclose on the front end. In many ways, it is as if the veteran franchisee is gaining both a business plan and marketing campaign on day one. Veterans understand the value of a battle plan and their proven ability to both follow it and adapt to changing environments is well suited for this task.

Different franchises come with varied levels of support, however the franchise is heavily invested in seeing their new franchisee on to succeed. The type of coaching and mentoring the veteran business owner receives from the franchise could be just the education they need to transition. Most importantly, the average veteran comes with resiliency. That’s the ability to endure the hardships of the entrepreneurial grind and keep on ticking. Franchises could very well be the key to unprecedented success.


The Time is Now

If fortune does indeed favor the bold, then perhaps now is the right time for the veteran to begin exploring franchise success. One might even say that the proven path of the franchise reduces exactly how much boldness is needed to press forward. However, who dares wins. Veterans didn’t ensure the harsh realities of combat only to live paycheck to paycheck on this side of the uniform. Veterans are entitled to the right to pursue their wildest dreams of entrepreneurial success and then some.

As with every successful business person that has gone before them, a certain level of boldness will be required. Thankfully for the veteran, boldness comes in ample supply. Franchises provide a unique opportunity to get started. Moreover, franchises are so confident in the abilities of the veteran they offer amazing incentives to bring them into the fold. The time for boldness is now and once this door has been kicked in there is no turning back. Explore your franchise opportunities today and reap the whirlwind of benefits tomorrow. He or she who dares wins.

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