Franchise Options

With over 5,000 franchises to choose from, where do you start?

Sorting through this enormous collection of opportunities is a daunting and time consuming task. You could spend months sorting and looking at franchises. And you’d find that most, if not all of them, just don’t match with what you want in a franchise business. Veteran Franchise Centers has done much of the homework for you by having carefully pre-screened hundreds of franchise companies and only working with those that are great matches for our clients. Some are very large and nationally recognized, some are new, and some are up and coming hot concepts.


Below are categories of the franchises we represent. Which one will fit you the best? Let’s get started to find out.

  • Advertising Franchises
  • Auto Franchises
  • Auto Parts Franchises
  • Beauty Salon Franchises
  • Bed and Breakfast Franchises
  • Café Franchises
  • Campground Franchises
  • Car Wash Franchises
  • Card Shop Franchises
  • Catering Franchises
  • Carpet Cleaning Franchises
  • Cell Phone Franchises
  • Check Cashing Franchises
  • Chicken Franchises
  • Child Care Services
  • Chinese Restaurant Franchises
  • Chiropractor Franchises
  • Commercial Cleaning Franchises
  • Computer Repair Franchises
  • Consulting Franchises
  • Construction Franchises
  • Contractor Franchises
  • Convenience Store Franchises
  • Distribution Franchises
  • Dollar Store Franchises
  • Dry Cleaning Franchises
  • Education Franchises
  • Electrician Franchises
  • Fast Food Franchises
  • Fitness and Sports Franchisess
  • Food and Restaurants
  • Gas Station Franchises
  • Gift Shop Franchises
  • Golf Franchises
  • Grocery Store Franchises
  • Gym Franchises
  • Hair Salon Franchises
  • Handyman Franchises
  • Home Improvement Franchises
  • Home Inspection Franchises
  • Home Services Franchisess
  • House Cleaning Franchises
  • Internet Business Franchises
  • ISP and Hosting Franchises
  • Jewelry Store Franchises
  • Laundromat Franchises
  • Maid Service Franchises
  • Medical Franchisess
  • Miscellaneous Franchisess
  • Motorcycle Dealership Franchises
  • Pet Franchisess
  • Pet Store Franchises
  • Plumbing Franchises
  • Preschool Franchises
  • Printing Franchises
  • Pool Service Franchises
  • Professional Services
  • Recreation, Hobbies, and Travel Franchisess
  • Retail Franchisess
  • Real Estate Franchises
  • Sales Franchises
  • Shipping Franchises
  • Spa Franchises
  • Sporting Good Franchises
  • Staffing Franchises
  • Sub Shop Franchises
  • Tax Franchises
  • Tanning Salon Franchises
  • Transmission Repair Franchises
  • Travel Agency Franchises
  • Tuxedo Rental Franchises
  • Weight Loss Franchises
  • Window Repair Franchises
  • Vending Machine Franchises

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Get Qualified

Veteran Franchise Centers partners with franchise companies at all investment levels, however there are minimum requirements you should know about. Learn More >


Discovery Process

We research franchise opportunities that are aligned with your profile and seek out those franchises that most closely match the characteristics you are looking for. Learn More >


Veteran Stories

The following testimonials are from actual U.S. military veterans that Veteran Franchise Centers has worked with. Learn More >

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What People Are Saying

Guys getting out of the military have an excellent opportunity with a franchise instead of working at a dead-end job. It’s easy to save money when you are in the military to save up for a franchise with the sign-up bonuses. I like that the colors of my van are red, white, and blue and that my franchise has given me the opportunity to own and run one of the most thought-out and ethical businesses that I have seen.