Operation Entrepreneurship: The Business Skills Veterans Don’t Realize They Possessed in the Military

Operation Entrepreneurship: The Business Skills Veterans Don’t Realize They Possessed in the Military

Entrepreneurship can be taught, but the best are often born with it in them.

When veterans return home to live a civilian life after the military, many of them may question where to turn next: What skills do I have? Who will possibly hire me?

The biggest surprise to some of them, however, is that they’ve had the skills needed to flourish in a life of entrepreneurship and business, because they’ve honed and developed them so much in the military.

Meticulous, goal-oriented approach

In the military, there is a meticulous approach to everything from personal grooming and hygiene, to punctuality and time-management. While grooming is important (unless you can pull off a mustache like Tom Selleck), it’s the precision-focused approach to the smallest of details that will help military veterans flourish in business.

Besides this, the military is focused on goals: what can be achieved now, in the next mission, and in the long-run? How can progress be attained, and what strategies can we deploy to ensure it happens? These are the type of thought processes that become engrained in military veterans’ minds, so much so that it becomes a natural secret weapon to use to maximize success.

Veterans are competitive but team-oriented

While their keen awareness of minute details and passion for reaching goals sets them up for success, it’s their competitive nature and excellent team-building skills that drives their business forward.

Veterans relied on achieving their missions to succeed in the military and improve on their rank; in business, the same competitive nature applies, only this time they’re competing against other similar businesses in their market, and must ensure they become the best option available to consumers through a variety of strategic-thinking initiatives.

Similarly, they create a winning environment for consumers to buy in through superb team-building initiatives, which train their staff to be hard-working, efficient, team-oriented, and friendly to customers — ensuring their business is given that seal of polish, to make customers want to keep coming back to see a pleasant staff.

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